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Threaded Kolam in White!

    Why do I post my crochet?  To bring awareness to the process From ideation, to choosing of yarn, needle and design, until the last slip stitch completes and closes the design...we must stay committed and enrolled in the task at hand. We envision how it will turn out (of coure this is not originl design) but as the needle follows a set pattern, some parts may be changed and altered and so it becomes our own... We then see the end result with satisfaction (or dissatisfaction). The advantage in doing crochet is that one can unravel and redo it anytime (if we have patience for that!) ... and so on... This is truly encapsulating Life as we live it. How beautiful each pattern is...a pattern we make of it! ~~ White is the chosen colour and lends to so many metaphors : White is the colour I see when I close my eyes to meditate - a radiant white. White is the colour of the robes worn by God's Son and the dervishes as they spin in the moment. White is the rose that blooms unobtrusively W

SoulSpace StoryScapades! Vol 1 :No 1 : 2023

    Better late than never. Just recording some highlights of 21 and 22