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Rupa and Arupa!

    Rupa is in what I see,  Rupa is in how I perceive Rupa is in the steps I take Rupa is in the path I tread Rupa is in the choices I make Rupa is in the decisions I take Rupa is in all my ways of attachments, cravings, grasping, owning, seeking, knowing, experiencing... Rupa is in all my be ing Rupa is in all my think ing Rupa is in all my feel ing Rupa is all what I THINK makes me - ME   The first story I ever told was called Rupa the Elephant and tells us of an elephant's struggle with identity - she did not like her grey color and wanted to be colorful like the other animals in the zoo ( tiger, peacock, parrot and leopard). Eventually she realizes, no matter what colour she is, everyone loves her for who she is from inside! (I am delighted to deeply engage with this word Rupa!) The only way to release oneself from Rupa ( object identity) is to meditate on Arupa (non-object identity).  I realise all that I THINK I know comes from my own meaning making a

No Lotus without Mud

  I feel restless even when I am with soothing nature I feel tired even when I am with calm nature I feel bored even when I am with tranquil nature I feel burdened even when I am with breezy nature Thoughts from the past and my future anxieties collide in my self and create a tornado I tell myself.... The Mind must rest in this absolute moment to feel at peace The Breathe must be my focus in this moment to feel the peace The Body must let go in this moment to embody the peace The Whole must be present in the Now to be in peace. There is no lotus without mud Om Shanthi, Om Shanthi , Om Shanthi  

Bardo - the Transitional Space

      Heavy I wait Filled with all my shadows The pregnant pause ~~~~ The threshold between rooms or between the outside and inside. The balcony that extends into the garden The transition between worlds.  The space between thought and action. The minute infinitesimal pause we take before something happens. That space is so pregnant with possibilities. It has the potential to change your life.  What threshold in your life will you wish to revisit and make a different choice perhaps?