Words Matter

How they write...??
Every time I open a blog and read something that touches me I feel Words matter!
Every time I converse with someone and they give me some important verbal feedback I feel Words matter!

Writing is a way of using words.
The way we organise words. The choice of words, the presentation, the thought process, the sum total  and the feeling that we leave behind. Some words leave us smiling and laughing, some words leave us pensive and thought laden.

So also the spoken word affects me as profoundly. Well chosen words that truly reflects the speaker.Conveying your thought effectively is such a skill that few have. At the same time appropriate, apt and timely delivery of words is important. No point flogging the horse after a day or two.

Not every one is comfortable in this speaking or writing zone. Writing down my words comes with ease and clarity.  Like a baby in its blankie, I feel the comfort and joy in putting pen to paper (and nowadays fingers to typo). Whereas when some asks me to speak, I am lost for words, or literally put my foot in the mouth!

Yet I am a story teller. Well the trick is, that person is someone altogether different. She comes on stage and can express herself freely, but ask her alter ego a question and the foot goes back into the mouth!!

Language is my Magic Faraway Tree..every now and then I climb up, to explore the magical lands that it brings into my mundane existence. Spoken and written words fascinate me and I slumber in its caring and comfortable ways.


  1. words matter. Yes, and it matters most that we use simple words and use the words as though we were talking.

    I too fumble for words when i speak. sometimes the speed of thought and speech do not match.

  2. good one....words are very important...not for nothing is it said that the pen is mightier than the sword...


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