38 things that make me smile

 Growing up, my grandmother had this very funny statement to make, "Don't laugh too much, otherwise you will end up crying". I say 'funny' because this is what happens if we take it at face value ( tears streaming down as we laugh and laugh?!), but what she meant was that we should not get carried away with happiness (laugh/giggle loudly), for sorrow and sadness will follow in its wake.
So macabre. I really don't know where she learnt this. But it somehow seeped into me for a long time and I would always remember those words growing up,  but even though our culture believes in emotional restraint, we should make knowing and acknowledging Happiness as our greatest habit.

 Gratitude is a great mood enhancer I am told and Happiness is a subset of that.

 So which comes first?

 Of late, I consciously tell myself what I am happy and grateful for. There is an immediate and perceptible change within me. This is an experiment I started for myself to break the cycle of learned unhappiness within me.

So here is a list of 38 things that make me smile

( they can be arranged according to: people/ places/ things/ activities)
A list because, I like to be organised that way and lists are always fun to read!!

    1. the sea and the sea spray, my glasses get clouded but the deep connection with the sea always fills me with happiness cycling along shaded roads to meet a friend ( or with a friend)
    2. eating hot-fried pakodas/ bajjis on wildly wet days
    3. warm fluffy sweaters that I absolutely need, for I shiver even when it is slightly chill (as I write this I remember the flower-seller I saw here in Bangalore, a typical Tamil woman just come from the village, she was wearing a brand new sweater and it made me realise how alien this piece of clothing would be for her especially if she was from Tamil nadu and had never used it before)    
    4. new pen (ball pen as against the gel-pen) and a brand new notepad to write in
    5. babies cheeks waiting to be snuggled/ kissed (babies bums too, so sweet!!) 
    6. long drives in the car, somehow I just need to go for a drive and it makes me feel better :)
    7. sweet, lemony drink after a thirsty morning of work
    8. A butterfly kiss on my cheek (especially when I am supposedly asleep and the little folk creep in to give it to me)
    9. 2.50 pm, the exact time when kids come back home, (the opposite is also true: 8.05 am makes me happy as they leave home for school!) 
    10. photos of us, memories of what we did captured forever
    11. chatting, chatting, chatting...
    12. gentle words and kind voices
    13. a whisper that tickles my cheek
    14. beautiful, soulful music shared on the i-pod 
    15. a walk with nature, looking and feeling the sky, especially on a starry night
    16. ice-cream, licking and slurping it 
    17. husband's special efforts to impress me with his domestic skills
    18. a gift, given with love and affection
    19. a friend who remembers me
    20.  the lovely beautiful, honey dripping, full moon in the sky that makes me want to stare at it forever, lost in the eternity and the expanse of space 
    21. getting that jig-saw piece fit perfectly at the first shot 
    22. when family gets together and we laugh and tease around
    23. thinking of a tune that my crazy brother keeps singing 
    24. the smell of rain on the earth...oh my that makes me go mmmmmm....
    25. doing something right the first time ( I copied this from another place:))...but oh so true
    26. knowing I stuck to something till the finish...a warm happy smile for that
    27. musicals: mary poppins and sound of music...happy happy
    28. baby animals that are so cuuuteeee
    29.  people who understand me and who I understand...ooo how I love that
    30. a surprise call, a voice of a friend!
    31. hugging...it really puts a smile on my face
    32. laughing till tears roll down my face
    33. being inspired by a speaker,, feel this way every time I listen to an amazing speaker on TED
    34. knowing that I can access any part of this world sitting at home...gosh that makes me feel awestruck
    35. Helping people and knowing that it has made a difference to them and me
    36. reading a book that I really enjoyed
    37. Calvin and Hobbes, and I call my son Calvin, cause he is one!
    38. When I see people showing Kindness to each other
     I know that was a long list, but if you have not guessed by now, that 38 is how old I am!

    Make your own list, if you like to do such things!!


    1. how simple things fill our life with joy na. Loved your list and could relate to many in yours. and many happy returns of the day, sowmya.


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