Knit me a Story

Asha Nehemiah's story "Funny Sweaters" is really a gem...I am not sure many have taken a theme such as this to write a cute children's story. It is about an old woman who ...knits!
 The old woman moves to the mountains with her daughter and faces a problem every day. As evening sets in, the clouds move into her house and barely allow her to see, and in that darkness she continues to knit.
But alas, in the morning she discovers an extra hand or an extra hole in her sweater...but don't you fret, for she is a resourceful lady who then gifts these wonderfully crazy sweaters to those who really deserve the Mother and Baby monkey a sweater with 2 neck holes, to keep them both the three legged Dog, a sweater with 3 arms!!
I wonder how children would enjoy this story? I know my children have chuckled over the story line and picked it up couple of times to look at the whacky ideas created by Asha...but it would be interesting to throw open this book to children and find out who would need and how we could make different kinds of clothes to suit different needs, not just the kind of clothes we see normally...

You must be wondering why I am rambling on about knitting and sweaters...well I discovered knitting as a stress buster and I am at it now! Thats why!
I have made a headband for my and purple (Hogwarts colours, if you wish to point that out!)...and I am attempting a square piece in a lovely shade of blue , pink and magenta....
I am feeling too lazy to actually take a snap of the piece I am doing and put it up here...but trust me when I say the colours look pretty neat....
I am not sure if I will go as far as to knit an entire sweater...or even a sock...but I am thinking I will attempt a Poncho...atleast!

Still in the pipe line is a the pieces cut, but have not worked out how to stitch it next time I will bring to you a wonderful story on quilting...and the beauty of creating a Story Quilt.

Till next time



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