Round up of Events for September!

Loads happening and loads to tell! Though I would have liked to blog about each event separately. Too many things happening around me!
It so happens that in my excitement to capture the event, I have been busy behind the camera and forget to ask someone to capture me in front of it!

So here are more events and activities from Kid and Parent Foundation....

September 2/ 2013 : It all started with a wonderful event at a school in Indra Nagar, Bangalore, that was celebrating Maria Montessori's birth anniversary. They had requested us to present snippets from her life story to the children along with some fun, interactive stories. So we introduced the children to Karan and Pinky, 2 adorable brother and sister puppets, who shared Montessori Aunty's life with them, followed by 2 stories, Counting Lady Bug and MilkMan's Cow!

We had a blast ad so did the children


September 5/ 2013: Call for Champions: Pratham books annual storytelling feast for ears was happening and we joined up with EverAfter storytelling company to tell stories at Atta Galatta.
3 stories, 3 times the fun!!
We told Babloo Bear's Adventure, Grandfather fish and of course the hero of the event Paplu the Giant.
The children enjoyed all 3 stories and the evening wound down with a fun game called the Ulta Pulta  game conducted by Kid and Parent Foundation. Children went home with a drawing of their favorite story too.



September 16/ 2013: We were back at Ananya Trust with stories and more.
This time we had only 2 groups, and I think this is best.  We told the story of Fish Friends 3. A wonderful tale of attitudes and problem solving.
Working with the story for the older group, we had the children identify how they approach a problem, whether they are given to looking at the larger picture or smaller details. Followed by a self awareness activity, where they understood how to look at problems and their attitudes to problem solving.
 It appears that most of the group worried more about their problem before the event but were not as bothered by the success or failure of the event itself. We completed this session with a wonderful technique from Image theater, where we had them thinking about the word Hardwork and creating images for it.


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