my first Puppet Show

I had great fun making my first puppet show,drew out the characters,colouring sticking,what a throw back to childhood times. All that latent creativity in me pouring out! I made Stick puppets,and the story was from mythology-Mahishasuramardhini, and it was towards Navrathri, so an apt theme. I had a friend helping and we put together the show. A screen , sutradhar puppets to start off the story, a script too. Well with the internet at our beck and call, there is no dirth for information, enter, type, scroll and click, you have all that one can want!!
So thats how I made my script( there the secret is out), based on Abu's Navrathri. I wanted to include all the elements, a small model of the "Golu padi", even a tiny Kalasam!! Abu and Amma chatting away, about why we celebrate golu, and the differences between North Indian and South Indian customs.This was followed by the stick puppet show...simply great.
We took it around Bangalore city, Crossword book store, Easy lib, and even Shishugraha school. But by the time we took it to the school Navrathri was long gone and we were close to Diwali, so some additions and deletions were made. Yet I feel the original version was more comprehensive, but my friend and partner felt it was too tedious for children to follow...we differ in our opinion!
I generally feel we South Indians are more open to ideas and opinions, or I could put it this way we are more tolerant of others views.... what do you say?


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