Passion, conjures up images...steamy ones definitely! You can say it in different ways and every time you express the word, the meaning, intention,depth can be altered. Why spend so much time talking about this word?...Its a train of thought triggered off by my friends comment...
A person is lucky ( or so it is said) to get into a vocation that one can be passionate about. I guess I can make the choice to be passionate about the job I do, or I can take a job that I am passionate about. But how many of us have to relegate our passion into the hobby zone and do a job that is rooted in the realistic world( I assume our passions are in the creative, more dreamy zone!)
I happened to meet Mr.V of Story trails, who has converted his passion for travel and stories into a lucrative business. He spent 15 minutes talking about the concept behind his passion, and I envy his ability to convert ideas into reality! What a niche market,he has sought, and takers are aplenty. And why not, where entertainment is a remote controlled box, any alternative is worth it.
What is exciting is exploring culture and history from the story tellers point of view. Its not about dates or architecture, its the nuances of everyday life showcased to the audience who may otherwise not notice it.
I want to capture this magic for a different audience in a different city...but not being a native can I pull it off?
Need to do some exploring...


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