Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl

Just yesterday i had written that i liked to tell Indian stories, so you must be wondering why I am here talking about a phoren one! You see Roald Dahl is so doable!! His stories have all the action, drama, and magic that Indian stories have and the animal characters can become anyone you know, that makes it easier to show to children.
Enormous Crocodile, for those who have not read the story, is about a nasty croc. who likes to eat children. Gruesome , i know, but then i start my session by telling the children that such things dont exist and a story is a story.( I know some pragmatists can be up in arms that I am filling children up with nonsense, but then does everything have to make sense? Let them enjoy the nonsense, says moi.). Irresponsible!!
Most of my puppets are made with paper, the medium I prefer, and I combine this with voice modulation. The second time I did this story, it was like a puppet show, and the children liked it even more. All of them crowding to try their hands at it.
That's the fun part, the interactive nature of storytelling, is getting children to loose their inhibitions and be there, through and with the story. In fact in one session I had two reluctant paricipants literally sitting on my lap at the end!
(Just expressing my amazement! )
As for doing sessions in Madras, I'd love to. With 2 school going children thats possible only during the summer holidays!
Next time I will upload some pictures of my puppets , try them out, they are pretty easy to make, and are simple devices to keep a group of children doing something creative!


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