Story at Crossword bookstore

So "Simba the lion learns to roar", was the story for this Saturday. A wonderful time for me and the children. Hand puppets transported us to the jungle. Through this adaptation of a story,of a lion cub who finds his roar only when he faces danger, I tried to make the children more aware of their inner strength.
That we can do what we want when the time is right and when we are ready for it!
This was followed by a paper lion puppet making session. All in all, a super time for me and my kids.
I must thank my nieces here, for totally taking care of my son, who dislikes sharing me with the audience. So my friend(my son!) wants to sit on my lap during the session, or he constantly bombards me with questions, so i am unable to proceed, and don't know whether i am coming or going! Luckily. this time I had help and as he was not there, i could concentrate on the story.
The opposite goes for my daughter who gets so thoroughly involved in the story and activity, that I can say she is my most ardent fan!
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