paradise is here

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Thats why I feel every morning I wake upto paradise.

Hey, that sounds wonderful for the opening lines of a song!

That's the view from my sister's apartment balcony. I cherish the morning sunrise, a view that I will not get when I leave here.
To wake up with the sun in its full glory reflected on pristine waters, with man and his machines dotting the seashore. An amalgamation of all that is life.
The beauty of nature and the toils of man in his pursuit of a living.

Every morning is a time to thank Him for all that I have and a time to reflect on how important are the things that I feel I dont have!!

As water meets the sky, I feel the infinitism of space and the minuteness of my life in this space.
Daily hassles worry us no end, yet when we share this moment of peace or solitude with nature, we can feel the answering call.

Sometimes the moments of happiness are lost in the deluge of sadness. But just as the wave happens, to recede and return, every wave in our life brings with it some moments of pure joy, some moments of peace, some sadness or bitterness and many times just plain nothingness!

It is impossible not to respond or react to the changing waves.

Yet I still hope to face these waves with a calm and invariance that is my quest in life.


  1. Wow! Your sis is blessed! Where does she live?!

  2. she lives on santhome high road...
    just near the lighthouse on the marina!!


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