Sipping the wines of friendship!

Catching up with old friends is like drinking wine. Not that I am a connoisseur of any sort, nor do I know even know the ABCD of it (literally translated from Tamil!!).
Merely based on heresay and the little I watch of cookery programmes and of course books.
To me catching up with old friends is like drinking wine!

The timing needs to be perfect.
School friends, are of course easier to catch up with, now with Facebook, and Orkut. But just like wine needs to rest on the shelf to gain flavour so also these friends from the past need to be left alone, for some years!
Once in a while you need to rotate the wine (I am told ), so once in a while you could check on them. How they fare, how life has taken them, just a looking into, a dip into the flavours we can say.
Then comes the right moment, a good numbers of years after you have left the wine to mature, to take it off the shelf, to savour its sweet, tangy, buzz! Now you catch up with your friend, savour the glorious past, taste the sweet flavours of maturity and catch up with the heady of buzz of each others life.
I must say it gives me a high!!

Choose them with care.
In the same way as the wine depends on the quality of fruit that is used, so also the kind of friends we choose, will only enhance the flavour of our friendship. So choosing these people who we wish to keep in touch is no small job. We need to taste the fruit of companionship, test the quality of committment and finally add them to our bottle to mature over time and to savour in our leisure!

I am told wine has some essential ingredients that helps longevity. Resveratrol is found especially in the skin of grape fruits that helps protect the body cells from all stresses. Hey so does friendship! The friends we keep determine our health and happiness! N'est ce pas?

To nicely balance this let me also say that an overdose can lead to addiction and complete lose of balance. Any thing has to be had in moderation, which only time and maturity determines. Toxicity is directly proportional to quantity!
Just as we need to savour our wine in moderation and not go overboard about stocking the cupboard, so also dont fill your life with every specimen in the market.
Choose them with care, store them with love, savour them with happiness!

Friendship and companionship are important ingredients in our life.

Old age need not be neccassarily lonely if we follow this recipe for happiness.


  1. wonderful! good analogy... never thought of it like that! interestingly, this seems to be the season of reunions......have heard of so many.... from one after 50 years to ours after 20, and some regular yearly affairs....

  2. Thats quite an analogy and quite true I must say :)

  3. What an interesting analogy :) Liked it :) It was fun reading this version of friendship !

  4. What a lovely post, I say! cheers!!!

  5. thanks all for stopping bye and sharing a peg with me!


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