Every episode leaves an impression in our lives. Some of these we cherish as they are, while some we wish we could reach back and change that moment.
Kanpur leaves some memories with me
The hot sultry summer when we landed here from a cooler clime was an unbearable ordeal in my mind...I remember sleeping, sleeping and sleeping and wondering what's wrong with me...Its the same this summer as far as the sleep is concerned, but I do feel I am better prepared...the air conditioner seems to be on constantly...I know I feel a wee bit guilty about contributing to global warming!

Winter was lovely...though I was worried how we would get through the cold and not to disappoint, Kanpur saw some extremely low temperatures last winter. It is that winter when I had to fill in as substitute for a friend in her school. Boy, was that a challenge! Saree being compulsory, I struggled through thermals/ sweater/ jacket and scarf over and above the saree! Battling the steep stairs, holding on to pallu and pleats, literally racing through the windy corridors to reach the safety of my class. I would still find myself chilled to the bone by the time it was second period! (Makes me wonder for all my love for traveling, whether I can actually travel to colder climes after this experience!)

Yet, what I take back from all this is the wonderful transition that nature makes. Hot, humid, sultry, sweaty, smelly, draining summer, makes way for torrential, incessant, cool, dreamy, peacock dancing monsoon, which soon melts into a cool, chill and then bone chilling cold of winter which again is followed by a beautiful, intoxicating, vibrant burst of colours, as spring sees flowers of all hues enchanting our senses. I have been charmingly sensitized to the change of season, as one does get, living in the North!

I will remember my resident lovely lawn, that I failed to water many times in summer and would get a look of disapproval from my gardener...drives up and down the shady avenues in our campus dropping and picking up children from school...

Memories of filth and squalor, just a step outside our campus...

But I don't want to dwell on negatives.
I now carry the positives with me...


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