Art and Craft of Life; some images from YOKE Summer Camp 2013....

Random images
Movement in the air
Happy faces and curious minds
Mischief makers some
Shy dabblers are others
In a space
where freedom is expression.

The art and craft of life;
Who we are
What we were
and what we will be
Is shaped by circumstances
assisted by a few,
Able and capable.

Just back from a story telling workshop at 2 villages near Tirunelveli: Kodaganallur and Veeravanallur I was so busy with the kids, I realise only now how sparingly I have taken photographs! Yet, that doesn't matter, for the images are frozen in my mind.

Veeravanallur children are from the weaving community, while Kodaganallur children are mainly from the farming/agrarian community. I told fables, a myth and a fairy tale. Did some craft and loads of theatre games.

Some of the theatre games brought out wonderful facets of the children. Their aspirations, likes, dislikes and so much more. Can't wait to go back there to do more!!



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