Share your thoughts on this story....The Chinese Mirror by Mirra Ginsberg...

Here is a beautiful story to tell:
(adapted by me with due apologies to the author....)

Long ago, there lived a man who traveled from his small village in Korea into china, selling his hand made goods…and wherever he went people exchanged the lovely handcrafted toys he made with money or some such item that he liked and that they owned.
One day as he was walking down the street he came across a man who gave him a round shiny thing in exchange for his exquisite toy.It seemed quite interesting so he took it and put it in his pocket.

He returned all the way back to his village having quite forgotten this round thing. As he was going to remove his clothes, his hands found it and he took it out, to his surprise the round shiny thing was showing him a moving picture of a man. It must be the King of China, he thought, and bowed down to the shiny thing, carefully placed it in a box at the corner of his room and decided that he would pray to the King of China from now on as the King had brought him luck...and went for his bath.

Every day he would remove it atleast once a day to see the moving picture and pray to it.
His wife was a very curious woman, but not very smart, she saw her husband and what he was doing and instead of asking him, she decided to quietly investigate when he was not there. She opened the box and lifted the round shiny object and looked at it. Omma…Oppa...she wailed…"My husband is cheating on me...I am ruined"
Her Mother-in law rushes in and pacifies her then takes the object... heehhe she laughed
"For sure, Woman you have very poor mind…and now eyes too…my son has brought a witch into the house. What an ugly picture …!
Her husband walks in and asks to see the object
"Both of you are useless, this picture is surely of our long lost ancestor, my son must have found it when he went to China, I am told my great grandfather also traveled to China just like my son….
Why should he keep it in a box, let us keep it outside so that all can see a picture of our ancestor!"

...all go away thinking their thoughts...

The little son who was watching, quietly grabs the object and runs into the garden
"Oppa, opaa"…he cries, just as his mother…"This horrible boy has only stolen my marbles…"
Hearing this racket the neighbour and everyone come running to see
The neighbour thinking the boy was holding some monstrous thing, grabs it from him…
There is a tug of war…
The boy shouting, "Give it back to me you bully"
The neighbour shouting, "let it go, it is hurting you"
The thing flies from their hands and crashes into the wall…
Breaking into thousands of pieces of shiny glass…
They rushed to see…what was this magical thing..that changed so many times and was now was just lying there, shiny pieces that no one could do anything about

( Can we find a beautiful metaphor for this story? I have one...

But please spend a few minutes putting down your thoughts on what suitable metaphor can be extracted from this story, send it to me,  and I will share my thoughts with you)

Oh I love Stories...

and the wonderful meanings we can extract from it



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