burning bridges

It’s about burning bridges. I don’t want to bore one and all about my past, my history, but I have this chronic problem that I land up burning bridges…
Please don’t think I am some naxalite…
The bridge I talk about is the one we create when we pass from one phase in our lives into the next. I can very clearly de-mark things into neat categories. Every category has a bridge linking it to the next stage, and these are the bridges I am talking about.

Bridges are great as it marks a mental spot where and when we make a paradigm shift in many ways. A shift in perspective or a shift in maturity, a physical move in terms of space, or a mental move in terms of feelings/thoughts/insights.
I like bridges. For me these bridges, that I can so clearly visualize, were gigantic in terms of dimension and depth. I look back and literally see how I changed and altered at every such bridge…
But the people who I met and who were such integral parts of every phase are no longer any part of me. That is what I mean by burning bridges.
Inseparable friends who don’t figure in my life in any way today. In each phase I made some very close friends, but once I crossed the bridge I was/am unable to keep in touch with them. (Is it only me or does it happens to people?)
These were valuable people and I only wish that I had kept in touch, taken that extra effort, maintained my balance.
It is true that through the internet and with communication as it is now, where we don’t have to rely only on telephones/snail mails, connectivity and communication are much better. I am back in touch with the same people that I so missed in life. Yet the time that I lost not keeping in touch with them will always rankle. I feel I had isolated myself into a cocoon and now only emerge out to view the world. To see how the world has changed while I have not!


  1. I liked the way you introduced the topic and your take on the concept of bridges. I'd never seen it that way before and I realize that it makes sense. I too think I've burned a lot of bridges without realizing it.

    Sometimes we are unable to stay in touch due to a lot of factors beyond our control as well. I think its a good thing you are thinking about it but don't let it make you feel bad about what's passed. You can go forward with this awareness as it will help you sustain relationships as you move ahead in life and meet more people and make new, lasting friendships. Those were my thoughts when I understood you seem a little sad about the burning bridges bit.

  2. hi you are a wonderfull writer. I also write stories.:)WHy dont you post your stories on batchmates.com/blog.may ppl would be interested in reading them.

  3. Yes what you said is true.
    There are somethings that stand out in our life which leaves a marked difference between the past and the present.

  4. Burning Bridges.... thats a wonderful mode of putting your thoughts through.

  5. This topic is so close to my heart. My heart beats every time i think of those friends and good times we had. Even at workplace some amazing work relationships are forgotten the moment one person changes company and it has come to a point I have even told people brazenly dont expect me to keep in touch, I wont as that is the truth and not that i dont want to keep in touch, but it just turns out that I dont keep in touch.
    Wish I could change! Thanks for writing about this.

  6. PSVDN: Yep,that's how i am...somehow any friend i have retained are the ones who relentlessly keep in touch with ...who dont give up on me...
    c'est le vie...


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