For the Love of Blogging

I love this world of blogging.
I want to personally kiss and hug every person who I have read and identified with. (Or show them any other permissible form of affection!). I can see so many of my passions mirrored in others, so many thoughts that are similar, and so many life situations that are same.
It energizes me to see such thoughts and ideas bouncing back and forth within this electronic media, connecting people, connecting lives, connecting visions and dreams.

8years back, I remember raising my baby in isolated misery. Now I look at all the forums and blogs on babies and child rearing and amaze at the kind of information that is available for every one to see and share and learn from.
For all those who may ask whether I could not have accessed all this 8 years back. I don’t know. We had a computer and I remember my husband using it…but I kind of used to relegate it to his domain and never ventured too close. I really don’t know if internet was all that friendly, even 8 years back. Blogging, I think did not exist.
Any query was answered by the resident Paati, or Aunt, and you know where that would lead us to…Old is Gold and all that came later is pure Mould…!!
Dr. Spock gave some antiquated advice and what with cleaning poo and pee, and milking oneself like a cow, it felt like there really was no one who could understand.
Now I find so many women have shared similar times like mine and who went through similar difficulties. (Please find the rewind button for me, I wish to do everything again, aka, with a more informed outlook!)

Books are my other passion, and I am in Seventh Heaven. I amaze at the number of people who also share my love, and who are doing such creative and wonderful things with it (I read up about all the writers who contribute to this great blog called Saffron Tree).
I have told my husband a zillion times that any person who introduces me to a great book is my friend for life! I don’t forget them or the books they suggest.
My book shelf is an eclectic mix of philosophy, fiction, non-fiction, and children’s authors. Throw in some classics, from my “classic phase” during college, some picturesque cyclopedias, and many, many slim fit books from CBT. I don’t even throw away the textbooks, kept my English readers and collection of poems too!!
My inheritance!! Heirlooms to be passed on! (God knows whether the inheritors, my daughter/son, will praise me or curse me for this)

Story telling and Travel: any and every passion of mine has been written about and is being written about. I feel like Charlie with the Golden Ticket in my hand, and with a click of a button I can transport myself into any land, to savor the flavors of Interest and Passion.

I thought I was just MRK (Married and Raising Kids), but having unearthed my interest in writing and also finding conveniently anonymous readers who I don't have to actually know.
It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of the online writing world, where any one is a great writer, everyone has something to say, and it is our prerogative to be read!!
(I am just another Blogger, trying to leave some of my bits and bytes on this electronic terrain for others to relish!!)
Happy Blogging


  1. what a relish!

    "JUST mrk?" are you kidding me? which is more Just sow, m or the rk? :)

  2. Just read your post and I totally identify with your experiences (child rearing and books)and the same exhilaration at having discovered the platform of a blog...


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