Daughter and Mom time

Don't berate me on the quality of the pictures, but I just wanted to capture what my daughter and I landed up making after I saw these lovely Yarn Paintings. Yarn Paintings are part of North American Culture or so I am told. These were actually illustrations for a story "The Journey of Tunuri and the Blue Deer" reviewed in Saffron Tree, as a part of their on going Book Review Festival.
You can follow this link to see that story review, and many others...click here
It is extremely simple and my daughter who is the creative one, really loved the idea. All you need is some yarn, wool in different shades and gum, paper. If you twirl the yarn around into concentric circles, it really looks good. I guess art is all about doing and experiencing.
She could not complete it and Sunday morning, she was at it without even brushing her teeth!!
The one above is hers, and the one below is mine.


  1. Cool.. Talented amma-ponnu you are! Rock it!

  2. WOnderful and yet a simple idea. I'm gonna try this with my daughter.

  3. wow! very nice. Thanks for visiting us at ST and linking to us.

  4. wow !!! So good, the two of you doing together :) I am just waiting for my daughter to grow up :). There are so many things to do, just cant wait :)

  5. Great Sowmya .... It is so much fun to do something like that with your daughter ... My daughter carries home something like fun work everyday from school ,something like the painting you did .so different and i get to learn and enjoy more too... thanks for sharing and planning to do this with my daughters too..


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